Near Idroland - Other Sports

Near Idroland - other sports

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Idroland E-bike rental point
Here at Idroland there is an “Evvai” rental point, which permits people to rent eBikes during their stay here in the Giudicarie Valley.
If you want to rent multiple eBikes, you need to contact us at the rental point at least one day before:

  • Giacomo Baroni:  +39 347 7312295
  • Paolo Baroni:  +39 340 5626698

For more info visit "Evvai" and VisitChiese.


Other Sports


Near Idroland Fly Zone you can practice many sports: simpler sports that do not need specific instruments to be practiced and more complicated ones that are offered by associations.



You can ride the winds on Lake Idro on a board, thanks to a wind-powered kite maneuvered through a “control rod”.
For more info: Maselli Kite School.



You can ride the waves of the lake on a board thanks to the wind.




Either with your own canoe or a rental one.
For more info:  Circolo Nautico Ander.



You can fish in Lake Idro, in the Chiese River and in the other torrents of the valley. You can fish carps, eels, trouts, pikes and other fishes.
For more info: Associazione Pescatori Dilettanti Alto Chiese.



Near Idroland there are many different rock sides with different levels of difficulty.
Contact us for more info.



There are many mountain routes perfect for all those who want to walk among nature.
You can find some example on VisitChiese and Gruppo Sentieri Attrezzati Idro 95.



In the valley there's a bike track available to everyone. More info on Piste-Ciclabili.



There are various routes, with differing travel times and difficulty for any mountain bike enthusiast.
More info on VisitChiese.



In the Chiese Valley there are different football fields, both open-air and covered. In Baitoni you can have a friendly match on a modern, synthetic field.



In the valley there are different tennis courts, both open-air and covered. In Baitoni you can have a friendly match on a modern, synthetic court. There are also locker rooms available for both men and women, with hot showers included.



Slacklining is a dynamic balance exercise. The name comes from “slackline”, a band made of either nylon or polyester (or, more rarely, of other materials such as kevlar or dyneema), stretched between two points, over which you walk.
While close to tightrope walking, it is very different: the person walks on a band instead of a rope and slacklining doesn't feature any balancing tool.
Slacklining was born in the U.S.A. In the early '80s in the climbing world. Nowadays it is very common in Brazil and some European nations, mainly France and Germany, while in Italy it is still growing.  



Stand up paddle (a.k.a. SUP) is a modified surf experience, where the person stands up on a longboard and moves via a paddle. This sport has been growing exponentially at a world level, with some practitioners even in Italy.
Come try it out!
More info on: Maselli Kite School.


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